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The Heartland with its open plains and rolling hills is anything but commonplace. more


The heartland with its open plains and rolling hills is anything but commonplace. From the vitality of Chicago to pastoral equestrian estates of Barrington Hills, IL, the Midwest is a collage of neighborhoods, lifestyles, and attitudes. Its intrinsic character of friendliness and hospitality, typically reserved from small-town America, is undeniable. While geographically, historically, and culturally diverse, the Midwest is never far from its roots and those values are pervasive in every community. As your luxury home designer, we make it easy for you to fall absolutely in love with your home and its location.

Many of our homeowners are deeply ingrained in the fabric of the Midwest. From relaxing on the vast shores of Michigan, retreating to Lake Forest, IL, or immersing themselves in the country living of Bannockburn, IL, they have found a peerless respite for their family and guests.

The Windy City offers a plethora of activities and amusements. From cultural pursuits and history to beaches; dining and haute couture fashion to Millennium Park, there is something for everyone. Estates of distinction abound in the area, just look to the shores of the Chicago River and the exclusive properties nestled on Lake Michigan.

Sumptuous private dwellings, tree-lined streets, historic value, and modern amenities are just some of the appeals of Lake Forest, IL. On the shoreline of Lake Michigan, this city is part of the Chicago metropolitan area. A college town, it is just 27 miles from Chicago’s famous Loop, making it a perfect commuter location.

The epitome of horse-country, Barrington Hills, IL is an oasis of equestrian living with a cosmopolitan flair. This rural, affluent village is exemplified by its large estates and a dedication to preserved open space.

A North Shore community with much to be proud of, Bannockburn, IL offers privacy and a lush landscape. While just 45 minutes from the hustle-bustle of Chicago, this village is a world away with its exurban flair and exquisite neighborhoods.

Surrounded on three sides by lakes, the State of Michigan offers unspoiled nature and the world’s longest freshwater coastline. It’s like living on the ocean without the salt; shimmering beaches, miles and miles of cherry orchards, outstanding sunsets, and countless days of blue skies. Lakefront and island properties abound.