Vintage Reviews

Hear what our clients have to say about the Vintage experience and their luxury home designer.

“They Are Warm & Welcoming”

Name: Lisa Niewolny | Occupation: Author/Public Speaker

Why Vintage: There are a lot of great homes out there, but I think it’s more than the home that’s built. It’s who builds it.

"Every Room in the House is a Unique Experience"

Name: Louis | Occupation: Partner – Goldberg-Weismann-Cairo

Why Vintage: “Trust me when I tell you, you need Joe Elias and Vintage Homes to design your house because their capabilities are far beyond any dreams that you or I could ever dream of.”

Luxury house

“An Exceptional Group of People”

Name: Dr. Dean Lodding | Occupation: Cosmetic Dentist

Why Vintage: “The team at Vintage has been the most exceptional group of people to work with…Everybody has been responsive and concerned to make sure everything is just perfect.”

"I Don't Know If This is Even Possible"

Name: Brian Johnson | Occupation: Software & Trading Company Owner

Why Vintage: “The product that you get delivered is going to be what you want…We’re able to control as much of the process as we would like, but there are things that aren’t our strong skill sets and they are able to take the design to a whole different level.”

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