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"We build luxury from the ground up, one family at a time."

Artistry and architecture blend in each Vintage Luxury home. Details are sublime. Finishes are resplendent. And the craftsmanship – uncompromising.

We create incomparable residences that are more than a home. They are awe-inspiring masterpieces that become the family touchstone. As luxury home builders, we create a gathering place filled with refinement, beauty, comfort and warmth. Raising a family and instilling values of togetherness, love, and faith within the walls of luxury--all under one roof. Imagine the family reconvening year after year, students anxious to return from study abroad, your son bringing home his new bride to stay in their own wing.

Vintage Luxury Homes engender harmony. Ambient living spaces are uniquely crafted for your family. From teen areas that encourage recreation at home, to entertaining accommodations for an intimate wine tasting or a gourmet charity dinner, the design is driven by your passion.